Automatic Doors

United shopfront automatic doors are the best choice as its controlled by high tech motion sensors and other control devices for the doors that are flat or slide horizontally in a linear fashion as per the structure and requirement in a business. Automatic doors are best suitable for hospitals, food giants, big format retailers, offices, hotels besides other places where visitors would not like to push the door or there has to be a restricted access. We have an exclusive range of attractive, durable, tough aluminium doors frames fitted with glass to maintain the transparency access for visitors. Automatic doors could be of these categories, depending on the need of the business – Automatic sliding doors – Automatic swing doors – Low energy doors – Manual commercial doors


    We take care of the design appeal with elegance, creativity, and square-cut rails to produce joints which are not visible, firm handles to offer the grip on the door, and option to manually operate in cases where automatic functionality is to be disabled at desired occasions or exigencies. An automatic door can be programmed either automated to allow entry of any person or with access card for restricted entry automatic doors and opens when the identity validation is done for the individual who wishes to enter. Generally, automatic doors are programmed open to all visitors at retail points. We customize, design and install all types of automatic doors. These doors can be built as a single sliding door towards left or right or a double sliding towards left and right side to enable entry from the centre. These doors are fixed with obstacle detection technology or with mechanical fixed screens. These doors come with infrared technology to enable ease and reliability in operation. These doors are low in maintenance and offers safety to users through infrared detection.

    Automatic Doors Products