Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is a lightweight material with sturdy strength and offers a uniqueness to fit in every facet of modern construction. From homes to hospitals to hotels, aluminum doors are a perfect choice, specifically in all commercial buildings.

Why choose aluminum doors
– Available with advanced hardware
– Ease in handling & operating
– Easy to maintain
– Secured and tested for best protection from rain, water, storm or snow


    Aluminum has an application to fit into any style of construction and matches perfectly with every colour of interior to match limitless ambiances. Aluminum offers thermal insulation and meets building regulation at the same time with properties like anti-rusting unlike iron door or termite proof unlike wooden doors.

    Aluminum also helps construct frames with slim proles looking neat and tidy with strength to weight ratio and helps reducing sightlines for offering the most of the view of your home or commercial premise.

    United Shopfronts allows you to choose from a range of aluminum doors
    – Slide and fold doors
    – Sliding doors
    – Casement doors
    – Lift & slide doors

    Aluminum Doors Products