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We design world class customized shop fronts that meet the UK standards and quality to meet demand of any size of the business.

Architectural features; that are formed with multiple functional elements to offer a visual framework of a shop front are mentioned below.

Fascia: Fascia is the area to display the shop identity
Fanlight: Fanlight is included in the to display the logo or property number
Cornice: The Cornice divides shop front and upper floors
Glazing: Glazing are the vertical divisions on the upper floor and horizontal divisions to divide large expanses of glass
Console Bracket: These are fixed to support the cornice.
Pilasters: Provides visual support to fascia and upper floor with vertical framing to the shop fronts.
Stall Riser: Stall riser provides a balancing base to the shop front.
Entrance: Entrance is the point that displays the beauty and character of a whole shop unit.

These functional elements of an upscale shopfront we take care while designing and installing the shopfronts in the architecture.