Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are most commonly used in places where the business needs doors requiring push and pull or where operations are meant to make the same door as entry and exit door. Bi-folding doors are very common in all the commercial places and offices. Bi-folding doors take up much less room than a standard door, without a need to have a supporting wall, could be installed to open inward or outward.

Aluminum bi-folding doors are manufactured from as slim as 60mm and fits glass with an edge of up to 132 mm. There are choices of bi-folding doors between aluminum, wood or upvc.

Folding doors are the types of doors opening and folding back in panels and have a usages as internal or external room dividers with different interiors or outfits altogether to bring in the visual and physical accessibility between internal and external space.


     Out of wood, aluminum and upvc, aluminum is the most common type of bi-folding door material. United Shopfronts specializes in all types of bi-folding door designs and installations.

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