Curtain Walling

A curtain walling is a non-structural system, is an outer covering the building in which the outer walls are utilized to keep weather impact out. It can be lightweight materials like the glass being non-structural and helps in reducing the construction cost. Using materials like glass, extruded aluminum framing reduces the cost and helps in passing through the light, to light up the building area during the day.

Curtain walling does not carry any structural weight and is designed to restrict air and water penetration.

Important elements to address in a curtain walling are
– Dead load
– Rain load
– Wind load


    – Seismic load
    – Thermal load
    – Snow load
    – Air infiltration
    – Water penetration
    – Deflection

    United shopfronts have expertise in building curtain walling that comply to security, insulation, light beside addressing other structural elements in a building.

    Curtain Walling Products