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United Shopfronts is a leading provider of exclusive and stylish shopfront products and customized solutions for bringing in elegance and visual celebration on the shopfronts. Each shopfront that we design; is a complete package of exclusive design and uniqueness for every business arcade, retail stall, branded showroom besides other customer interfacing areas of a business.
Shutter Solutions



Roller shutter doors are one of the most secure, efficient and economical options available. The ease of operation with their vertical opening and the lesser space that they require compared to other traditional options like UPVC doors and windows makes it a more favoured option.

We manufacture these roller shutter doors out of high-quality steel or aluminium, which guarantees sturdiness and provides higher security. These steel & aluminium doors can be fabricated to the specific sizes as per your space and do come in various options – colours, thickness, finishes etc.



Saves space: An important benefit that roller shutters offer is the minimal space that they need. The vertical opening allows for optimisation of the available space and uses it to the fullest extent, without having to lose out the doors, like in the case of bi-folding doors. It also allows for more height making it feasible for taller vehicles or others to pass through without obstruction.

Ease of operation: The roller doors are easy to operate thanks to their roller mechanisms. Automatic doors come with more advanced options and can be controlled using remote devices, without manual effort.

Higher security: The roller shutter doors are made of high-quality steel or aluminium, making them sturdier options. Whether it is single skin doors or double skinned & insulated garage shutters, they provide stronger security and also protection against natural elements. The roller shutters are also an ideal option to be used as security & fire exit doors, especially in view of the space they provide and the ease of operation.

Customization: Our Roller shutter doors are made to measure. Based on the space available, the roller shutters can be fabricated in those specific dimensions. We also offer customization on the thickness, material, finish etc.

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Shutter Solutions Types


Roller shutters come in various materials, thicknesses etc, but not all of them conform to the safety standards. At United Shopfronts, we manufacture Roller shutter doors that conform to the CE Regulations in the UK. We do not compromise on the safety aspects and ensure that all these shutters meet these stringent regulations.

Single skin: Most of the Single Skin doors are made of steel and offer simple but strong functionality. They are highly affordable and ideal for most of spaces, especially for homes.

Double skin or Insulate: Made out of aluminium, Double skin/insulated garage shutters offer greater protection from weather and prevent heat loss. They also offer better security.

These doors can either be fitted with a manual option or as remote-controlled Automatic doors. At United Shopfronts Limited, we lay much emphasis on customer satisfaction. Hence all our doors are made to measure and be customised to the specific tastes and preferences of the customers. Our experts help to guide the customers to make the best choice, which optimises the investment and is also as per the requirement.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, roller shutter doors offer additional advantages that make them a more attractive option:

Energy Efficiency: Roller shutter doors provide better insulation, thus ensuring that your energy bills remain low. They prevent the escape of heat during the colder months and keep your property cool during the hotter months, making them an energy-efficient option.

Noise Reduction: Roller shutter doors are excellent at reducing noise levels, which is especially beneficial if you live in a noisy neighbourhood. The thickness and insulation of the doors can reduce the noise by up to 50%, making them ideal for commercial properties or residential areas near busy roads.

Durability: Roller shutter doors are incredibly durable and long-lasting. They are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and can endure wear and tear due to frequent usage, making them a great investment in the long run.

Low Maintenance: These doors require minimal maintenance and cleaning, which makes them an excellent option for busy properties. They only need periodic lubrication to ensure that they function smoothly and last for a longer period of time.

Aesthetics: Roller shutter doors come in various colours, designs and finishes, making them an ideal option for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your property. They can be customised to suit your taste and complement the existing decor of your property.

Safety: Roller shutter doors offer better safety and security as they are designed to withstand forced entry attempts. They are also an ideal option for businesses that require high-security measures, such as banks, jewellery stores, and other commercial establishments.

Roller shutter doors are an excellent investment for your property. They offer a range of benefits that make them a practical, efficient, and secure option. At United Shopfronts Limited, we provide high-quality roller shutter doors that are customised to your specific requirements. Our team of experts can help guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.


We manufacture these roller shutter doors with high-quality steel or aluminium, which provides stronger security and sturdiness.
In terms of security, efficiency, and economics, roller shutters are an excellent option. They require less space and are easier to operate thanks to their vertical opening, compared to other traditional options like UPVC windows and doors.
The roller shutters are made from high-quality steel or aluminium which makes it more durable.
The roller shutter solution manufacturer and installer provides modern designs of shop fronts, roller shutters and fast work doors in Leeds, Birmingham, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bilston, Including entire UK


“United Shop fronts provide Roller shutters that are an ideal security solution for protecting your property against damage, criminal activity, and other threats. You can install them at many places, from homes to industrial uses. You will not have to worry about your premises being secure by yourself and it will protect them from harmful situations when you are not available. Our business is centered on providing excellent customer service. It is our goal to ensure that all specifications are met and the service is provided efficiently. Whenever you need us, you can call us up, and we will get back to you within 24 hours. ”
Roller Shutters prevent Interruption, wind, rain, and thefts are along with insulation. Against a large installation, this can be motorized to offer ease of operation. In addition to unit loading bays, we also provide window protection shutters for shop fronts and window panels.
An insulated garage shutter is made of high-quality raw materials for long-lasting durability and strength. They are effective deterrents to trespassers. Insulated garage shutters have numerous horizontal slats that are hinged together to offer motorized activity.


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Roller shutters offer a high-quality and durable shop front. Our hard-working team ensures to deliver you with the best service possible.


You can count on roller shutters for the best, exclusive, and most affordable shutter repair and maintenance services.

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Our company understands the value of your business store, we provide you with fast and efficient service at a competitive price.

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United Shopfronts is a leading provider of exclusive and stylish shopfront products and customized solutions for bringing in elegance and visual celebration on the shopfronts. Each shopfront that we design; is a complete package of exclusive design and uniqueness for every business arcade, retail stall, branded showroom besides other customer interfacing areas of a business. We bring in the uniqueness through exclusive design, advanced fabrication and world-class installations and extended service support.

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