Roller Shutters

Roller shutter or door or overhead doors are type of doors and windows raised to open it and lowered to close it. Against large installation, this may be motorized to offer ease in operation. A roller shutter offers protection against intrusion, wind, rain and theft and is designed for insulation.
Roller shutters are conceived to be the most common type of door, not only forindustrial segment but also has an immense value for the spaces requiring movement of vehicles and big loads within the commercial premise.


    Shopfronts believes in the fact that each set of installation which our customer requires; has to have a promise of high security level, locking options and ease in managing the same for any type of building and business premise. We cater to industries requiring unit loading bay to a shop front and window protection shutters.

    Our range
    • Steel roller shutters
    • Aluminium Roller shutters
    • Steel personnel doors
    • Collapsible gates
    • Chain and link grille

    Roller shutters are very common applications for delivery vans, garages, kitchens, warehouses, retail points, prisons and schools.

    These are few types of roller shutters
    – Built-in roller shutter doors
    – Built-on roller shutter doors
    – Integrated roller shutters
    – Roller shutters with tilting laths
    – Manual
    – Manual Tape
    – Electric

    Each roller shutters have these common components
    – Lath
    – Shutter box
    – Shutter Spring
    – Guide track or Rail
    – Bottom lath
    – Lock

    Roller Shopfronts Products