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Timber Shopfronts

A single timber shopfront aesthetically upgrades the overall appearance of your business. After all, location and products can’t fetch customers when it comes to business. It is the image of your shop that interacts with the eyes of customers. This is where we recommend people try timber shopfronts. Because this staple essential for your store carries vast potential. We want that each time a customer passes through your shop, you make an impact which is only possible with these wooden shop fronts that combine traditional hues with modern aesthetics on the move. Thanks to the exceptional quality of timber shopfronts that make this magic possible.

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The market is already bringing revenue and prospective customers to your doorstep, and it is up to you how to welcome them and encourage them to become your recurring customers. And it’s no surprise that timber shop fronts are the best answer. You must add these shopfronts to your business plan.

Benefits of timber Shopfronts:

Eye-catching appeal:Timber is a natural material that immediately draws attention. The grain and texture of the wood give your storefront a unique and attractive look that can set your business apart from the competition.

Customizable design:With a timber shopfront, you can create a bespoke design that perfectly fits your business’s style and personality. Whether you prefer a rustic, traditional look or a more modern, sleek design, timber can be adapted to suit your needs.

Durable and long-lasting:Timber is a sturdy material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and daily wear and tear. When properly maintained, a timber shopfront can last for decades, making it a smart investment for your business.

Eco-friendly:Timber is a renewable resource that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Choosing timber for your shopfront is a responsible choice that can help reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

Low maintenance:Unlike some other materials, timber requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great. A simple coat of sealant or paint every few years is all that’s needed to keep your shopfront in top condition.

Warm and welcoming:Timber has a natural warmth and beauty that can create a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. The natural tones and textures of the wood can help create a cosy and inviting ambience that encourages customers to come inside.

After all, these shopfronts aren’t just the epitome of excellence and grandness, but they also share some extremely functional and helpful traits with the shopkeepers.

The timber or wooden shop fronts are made with natural wood; thus, they adapt to the different temperature requirements as per the season. Also, you can customize these shop fronts as per your requirements. So contact us right away if you want this staple store/shop essential to enhance the glory of your business.

The timber shopfront offers an amalgamation of wood, and glass to offer elegance and versatility. We believe in ultimately making you unique yet appealing with the customized wooden shopfronts.

We have mastered this craft through hundreds of customized timber shopfronts installations. Come experience!

Wooden Shop Front

The demand for a classy vintage look never dies, so the wooden shop front is still in trend. This particular staple shop front option upholds the traditional classy appearance of your shop. Whether you run a grocery store, fashion store, or any branded store, it’s worth investing in a wooden shopfront if you don’t want to set a bad impression. These shopfronts give your store a distinctive and striking look as each wood in these masterpieces is handcrafted with a vision to turn an idea into reality. This staple design adds value to your shop, and if you are keen on traditional aesthetics that explain your business better, no surprise, a wooden shop front is made for you.

These shop-front varieties continue to stand the test of time and look outstanding even on those ultra-modern streets. The colour and texture of the wooden shop front beautifully blend with the spirit of your business. You should select wooden/timber as

  • They can be decorated for an artistic touch
  • They can be carved precisely the way you want
  • They are durable and easy to use
  • They look classy, luxurious, and elegant when viewed from the outside/inside
  • Glass combined with timber/wooden shop fronts makes it aesthetically pleasing for modern amenities

If you are also desperately searching for the premier quality wooden shop front that upgrades the style and standard of your business and helps your modern amenities delve into elegant aesthetics. Allow us because we are the leading shop fronts suppliers working day and night to upscale the elegance of your store.

Timber Shopfronts Products

Don’t let those average-looking shop front features take away customers from your shop. Buy quality Timber Shopfront products that match precisely with the details of your shop and attract customers. Our products replicate the premium beauty of shops you last watched on TV shows, in a film, or on a street in your city.

Each eye-catching design of every Timber Shopfronts product is built for beauty. After all, we deeply understand your architectural and aesthetic requirements for your store.

Our years of expertise in carpentry make sure you always set higher expectations from us as we master our work. Combining the best quality material and classy design, we ensure our products never fail to give your store a sophisticated look.

Crafting, supplying, and installing shop fronts as per the client’s specifications are at our core. Don’t worry; we have skilled workers available in our team who cover the entire installation process within a day for you. So contact us.


A timber shopfront is a type of shopfront that typically consists of timber framing, glazing and other components. It is designed to provide a strong, secure and attractive entrance to a retail store.
Timber shopfronts typically use hardwoods such as oak, mahogany and teak, as well as softwoods such as pine and cedar. The frames and glazing can also be made from aluminium, steel or PVC.
Timber shopfronts are strong, secure and aesthetically pleasing. They can also provide an effective thermal barrier, helping to save on energy costs.
With proper care and maintenance, a timber shopfront can last for many years.
The cost of a timber shopfront can vary depending on the materials and components used, as well as the size and complexity of the design.
A professional installer will typically measure the space and create a design, followed by the fabrication and installation of the shopfront components.
To ensure the longevity of the shopfront, regular maintenance should be carried out such as cleaning and resealing the timber.
A range of security and safety features can be installed on a timber shopfront, such as locks and CCTV.
Timber shopfronts can be finished with a range of paints, stains and varnishes.
Yes, it is possible to customise a timber shopfront to suit the specific needs of the customer.